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Om Sverigebönen 24-7

Sverigebönen 24-7 is part of Sverigebönen, a network of intercessors that pray for Sweden. Sverigebönen 24-7 is a platform that helps the body of Christ to connect in prayer and worship in a 24-7 prayer chain. 

"We always work to honour that what has been, connect with what is, encourage what is to come."

  • HONOUR what has been. We are part of a story that has started long before us. A history of faithful followers of Jesus have gone before us to gain the victories we now walk in. We want to honour these faithful ones by recognising that where we are today is because of there sacrifices. 

  • CONNECT with what is. We are part of the body of Christ, and want to work together with all the believers in Sweden that have a passion for Jesus. We are just one part of the body, and we long to connect and work together with the many churches and initiates that are building Gods kingdom in Sweden. 

  • ENCOURAGE what is to come. We are called to prepare the way for the generation after us, to encourage them and equip them for the work of their ministry. Our heart and passion is to bless the coming generation, and see them walk in everything God has for them. 



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