How to pray

For 1 hour 

“Could you not watch with Me one hour? Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Matthew 26:40

To pray for one hour can be a challenge. You might get distracted, don't feel like God is really listening, or struggle to stay awake. Often it helps to come to an actual prayer room with a plan and a strategy, so that you will feel ready and confident in your prayer. 

Here are some helpful thoughts to get you started and make your prayer time as effective as possible. 

First steps

1. Find a quiet place where you can focus. This way the television, the telephone, the fridge or other things will not distract you. 

2. Use a real bible. We encourage you to use a paper bible, and not your phone. You might receive calls, texts, mails or other messages that can distract your prayer. 

Find out what the prayer topic is of the day. This way we can all focus on the same thing during a specific day. A big object gains more momentum and has greater impact than a small object. If we pray with one focus, we become a force in the spirit that will be hard to stop.

Pray the word of God. Find out what the bible has to say about the topic. If we pray the word of God, we will pray in agreement with the Father. This way we can be bold in prophecying and proclaiming our prayer, for the bible says about Gods word: 

"It shall not return to Me void,But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it" Isaiah 55:11

Pray for the city you live in. God has a plan and vision for your city, and you are there for a reason. You probably know what the needs are for your city, and therefore can pray specifically for those things. Believe that God has set you where you are to be a watchmen and stand on the wall of your city. From there you can continue to pray for the surrounding cities and of course Sweden. 

Write down a prayer strategy. This will help you to get through the set apart time and be strategic in your prayer. One way to do this is by breaking down the topic in 6 specific prayer points. You can then spend 10 minutes on each point. Here is an example of how this could look: 

Prayer topic of the day: Education 

Point 1: Schools in your neighbourhood.

Point 2: Teachers in your neighbourhood. 

Point 3: Christian schools in Sweden. 

point 4: Christian teachers in Sweden. 

Point 5: God based curriculum.

Point 6: Christians students, salvation among youth in schools. 

Reflect and share. Take time to listen to God and write down what he tells you. Share your reflections with your family, prayer group or church. This way you will discover simularities and see what God is emphasising on.