"But you shall receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you, and you shall be witnesses in: Jerusalem, and throughout Judea and, Samaria, and even to the outermost ends of the earth." acts. 1: 8


Yet the current promise is that we may be his witnesses in the power of the Holy Spirit. We boldly pray for spiritual awakening - a Jesus-centered, biblical and anointed revival movement - in the congregation of God, but also throughout our country. God calls the Christians of Sweden to find ways to reach out with the message of Jesus. The unity of the spirit already given must be made clearer throughout the body of Christ and lead to positive cooperation.


We pray for power to meet community needs. The church's spiritual standard and Sweden's well are vitally linked. We pray that the Bible and prayer may take much more space in church programs. We pray that the church of God may serve as a spiritual family for all who believe. God wants to pour out His Spirit upon all, for all good works in the body of Christ.


We reply: Yes, Lord raised your congregation in Sweden. Let your congregation be credible and filled with your power in both words and actions.